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Boxes and Packing Information 


Small Box: Approx size is 16"x12"x12"
Our small boxes are ideal to pack items such as candles, tools, books, CD's, movies, and small kitchen appliances. 

Medium Box: Approx size is
Our medium are ideal to pack bedding items, towels and small blankets. 

Picture Box: Approx size is 39"x4"28"
Picture box can be used to pack flat fragile items such as glass, mirrors and pictures. 

Wardrobe Box: Approx size is 21"x18"x46"
Wardrobe boxes are designed with a 24" metal bar used to hang clothes within the box. 


Dish Box: Approx size is 18"x18"x28"
Dish boxes can be used to pack dish and glassware, china, and fragile items.

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